Is a New Fence Tax Deductible in Lubbock, TX?

If you're looking to acquire a new fence for your home or commercial property, you might ask, "Is a new fence tax deductible in Lubbock, Texas?" Learn the answer in this brief guide, then contact Raider Fence Company to explore your options for a wrought iron fence in Lubbock, TX.

Can You Deduct a New Fence From Your Taxes in Lubbock, Texas?

Many property owners looking to replace their old fence or acquire a new one wonder if they qualify for a tax deduction. This answer varies depending on the type of property a Lubbock resident owns, the purpose of the fence, the type of fence, and several other factors. In most cases, business owners are more likely to have a fence as a tax deduction, but homeowners may see benefits in the form of depreciation. 

Business owners could deduct their fence as a necessary expense only if there is a legitimate reason for it and the purpose is not just aesthetics. 

Are New Fences Tax Deductible for Lubbock Business Owners?

A fence is likely tax deductible for a business in Lubbock if:

  • It improves the property's security and safety
  • It creates a specific look for the business

Construction and landscaping companies may deduct a fence if it's for a customer's project.

Are New Fences Tax Deductible for Lubbock Homeowners?

Many home improvement projects increase the aesthetic appeal and function of a house but are often not eligible for a tax credit or deductible. Sometimes, adding solar panels or more energy-efficient appliances to a property are, but installing a new fence to improve the beauty of the Lubbock property and add security typically is not. 

Home improvement expenses factor into a property's "basis," or the amount it's worth. When a Lubbock resident sells their house, their basis subtracts from the sale price to show their gain or loss. The tax liability gets lower if the basis gets higher, so a new fence can make an impact.

Can You Depreciate a New Fence for Your Lubbock Property?

Is a new fence tax deductible in Lubbock, TX? For the average homeowner, no. However, depreciation for homeowners purchasing new fences is a possibility. You can reap the benefits of this upgrade when it comes time to sell your home.

One instance of this is if you have a business and use your home office for business purposes. Depending on the type of fence you install, how it factors into running your business at home, where it is on your property, and how much you use the business portion of your primary residence, you can possibly depreciate costs.

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If you still have questions about, "Is a new fence tax deductible in Lubbock, TX?" or are interested in installing a new fence for your business or primary residence, Raider Fence Company can help. Discover how to install a wrought iron fence in grassy areas, then contact the team today.

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