How To Secure a Chain Link Fence to the Ground in Lubbock

Chain link fences are an affordable and easy way to protect your property and outline its border. As durable as they are, clever animals like dogs and rabbits know how to sneak underneath, so you might wonder how to secure a chain link fence to the ground. 

The good news is that you have several options. Professional chain link fence installers in Lubbock, like the team at Raider Fence Company, can help you install a quality chain link fence and keep it secure for extra peace of mind.

Four Ways To Secure Your Chain Link Fence to the Ground in Lubbock, Texas

You’ll need the right material to secure the bottom of your chain link fence to keep critters out. Check out the options below to see what might work best for your fence!

#1 Install a Bottom Rail To Prevent Unwanted Access

If you take a good hard look at your chain link fence, you’ll notice it has a top rail but not a bottom one. Animals see this, too, so they know how to lift the bottom of the fence and sneak into (or out of) your property. An easy way to secure the chain link fence on your property is by adding a bottom rail, which leaves a smaller gap for animals to crawl through.

#2 Use a Tension Wire To Secure the Chain Link Fence From the Bottom

Knowing how to secure a chain link fence to the ground with a tension wire can work wonders for your property’s security. You can add one as you install your chain link fence or after. A tension wire secures to the posts of your fence and creates a simple yet effective barrier at the bottom of your fence.

#3 Install a Guard To Cover the Bottom of the Fence Line

Smart animals know to use the pointed ends of your chain link fence to lift and sneak through. Fence guards cover these to help you turn your chain link fence into a high-security feature for your property.

#4 Add a Few Stakes to the Bottom of the Fence

Stakes help secure chain link fence systems in two ways. First, they create a smaller gap at the bottom. Second, they stabilize the fence at the bottom.

For extra and cost-effective security, use chicken wire with the fence stakes.

Let Raider Fence Company Provide You With a High-Quality and Secure Fence in Lubbock, Texas

Knowing how to secure a chain link fence to the ground starts with exploring your options, but the best way to get a secure chain link fence is by relying on fencing professionals. Raider Fence Company has years of experience providing high-quality fences to property owners in Lubbock, Texas.

Whether you want to learn more about covering a chain link fence or need to install a brand-new one, contact Raider Fence Company to get answers to all your fencing-related questions and schedule an appointment in Lubbock, Texas.

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