How To Make Chain Link Fence Look Better: 5 Ideas for Lubbock Residents

Installing a fence around your outdoor space improves the look and safety of most homes. With the high costs of iron fencing, chain link might be the best option for your property. However, many homeowners hate the look and don’t know how to make a chain link fence look better.

Fortunately, there are many inexpensive ways to cover a chain link fence. From paint to additional facades, these cost-effective strategies will instantly improve the look of your chain link fence.

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#1: Paint the Fence

One of the easiest and cheapest solutions for ugly chain link fences is to paint them. Painting your fence a new color can help to soften its cold, metal aesthetic. 

Before painting, make sure you remove the fence’s rust. Not only will removing the rust improve the look of your fence, but it will also help the paint stick.

#2: Install Fence Covers

Fence covers, or privacy slats, immediately alter the look of your chain link fence. Available in many different materials and styles, privacy slats slide right onto the top bar of your fence and hide the actual chain link. From wire mesh to turf grasses, there’s a perfect fence cover for every outdoor space.

#3: Consider a Wood Panel or Bamboo Veneer

You can install wood panels or bamboo veneers as additional facades to hide your chain link fence. These options look amazing and attach directly to the fence. You can also choose to only cover the fence post pipes to soften the fence’s aesthetic.

#4: Plant Fast-Growing Bushes or Vines

Fast-growing bushes and vines offer a gorgeous, natural solution to aesthetically improving your chain link fence. Morning glories, ivy, and other plants will grow around the chain link and hide its appearance with stunning greenery. 

#5: Get Creative

If you’re still not sure how to make a chain link fence look better, try creative solutions. Plastic cups and other objects fit perfectly into the holes between chain links. These materials can create fun designs, and you can easily change them whenever you tire of their look.

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