How To Install a Wrought Iron Fence in Grass in Lubbock, TX

Perimeter fences increase a home’s safety and curb appeal. Wrought iron fences offer an attractive and sturdy option for Lubbock homeowners. However, most homeowners don’t know how to install a wrought iron fence in grass to complete their home.

While a low-cost DIY fencing project might seem attractive, some basic research into "iron fencing near me" demonstrates how much time and effort it'll take. Calling professionals from Raider Fence Company is the best way to get a high-quality wrought iron fence. Learn more about the installation process, then reach out to an expert.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences offer Lubbock homeowners many benefits. Thus, investing in one can significantly upgrade the quality of your residence. Some of the main benefits of wrought iron fences include:

  • Improves your property’s safety and privacy
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Highly durable
  • Longer lifespan than other fencing types
  • Most attractive fencing available
  • Customizable to adhere to the aesthetic of your home

Preparing To Install a Wrought Iron Fence

It’s essential to do the necessary prep work before starting installation. First, check local building codes and establish clear time and budget constraints for the project. Additionally, ensure that your fence location doesn’t intersect with any underground utility lines, like electric or sewage.

Next, clarify the perimeter of your property. Building on your neighbor’s land will require you to start the project over, wasting time and money.

Finally, triple-check that you took accurate measurements while designing your fence to avoid issues during installation.

The Wrought Iron Fence Installation Process

While best conducted by Lubbock fencing professionals, understanding how to install a wrought iron fence in grass can help ensure the project’s success. The wrought iron fence installation process includes:

  • Drawing out the locations of fence posts
  • Digging the post holes
  • Setting concrete
  • Installing the posts
  • Installing fencing panels, starting with the top bracket
  • Using specialized tools to hang the gates

DIY vs. Professional Installation

The main reason people attempt their own fence installation is usually to save money. While DIY jobs can cost much less, installation requires 40 to 50 hours of specialized work. Thus, it’s best to call experts who have the experience and tools to complete these jobs.

Enlist Top-Rated Fence Installation Professionals From Raider Fence Company

Homeowners who choose Raider Fence Company receive beautiful perimeter fences well worth the wrought iron fence cost. Experts from Raider Fence Company offer Lubbock residents the top-rated fence installation and maintenance services in the area. Get the highest-quality craftsmanship and customer service by calling today.

For more information on how to install a wrought iron fence in grass in Lubbock, TX, call Raider Fence Company and request a service consultation.

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