How Much Does a Wrought Iron Fence Cost in Lubbock, TX?

Planning a fenceline can increase your property’s security. The right fence could also boost curb appeal and add potential value in the event that you decide to sell the place. 

Despite the benefits, choosing between different fence options will soon reveal that cost is your biggest consideration. Materials like wood and chain link are popular for their affordability, whereas wrought iron scores much higher points for style. Nevertheless, how much does a wrought iron fence cost compared to other fencing materials?

Raider Fence Company, a top-rated iron fence company in Lubbock, TX, shares more about this versatile fence material below. These highly skilled professionals can also help you construct the perfect perimeter when you’re ready for a fence installation.

Average Cost of a Wrought Iron Fence in Lubbock, TX

So, how much would a wrought iron fence cost for a property owner in Texas? Although customization plays a huge role in cost, the national average cost of a wrought iron fence is quite similar to what you would pay per linear foot in Lubbock and the surrounding communities. These competitive prices are comforting, but you can still make certain choices along the way that might save money.

Factors Impacting Cost

These five factors primarily affect the final cost of a wrought iron fence in Lubbock, TX: 

Length and Size

The length and size of your wrought iron gate will be cost-sensitive. Fences that only cover the front of a property are much less expensive than a perimeter fence project.


Wrought iron gates come in different thicknesses, and thicker material is more time-consuming and expensive to construct.

Material Type

One appealing aspect of wrought iron is the colors and styles, but custom options come with associated costs.

Labor Needs

Does the fence size necessitate more contractors? Each worker adds to the cost.


The permits to build your fence come with a cost, as determined by the government.

Additional Preparation and Finishing Services?Lubbock, TX

While installing a new fence or refurbishing an existing fence, there are some crucial preparation and finishing services to consider. Reputable companies like Raider Fence Company offer the following services at competitive prices, but it’s always best to check with your chosen contractor before committing to anything:

Fence Removal

Fencing technicians can remove an old fence before installing the new one.

Tree and Brush Removal

Certain landscaping features may require relocation before installation begins.

Gate Installation

Are you using a fence to sequester your yard? Add a gate to streamline movement between these sections.

Land Grading

Sloped land may require grading before the fence goes up.

Brick Columns

Building brick columns on either side of a gate or on fence corners looks stunning.

Top-Rated Fence Installation Professionals in Lubbock, MS

Whether you want a wrought iron, wooden picket, or chain link fence, Raider Fence Company offers installation and maintenance as a top-rated fence contractor in Lubbock, TX. The team combines quality craftsmanship with unbeatable customer service.

So how much does a wrought iron fence cost in and around Lubbock? Find out from Raider Fence Company today!

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