How Close Can a Fence Be to a Property Line in Lubbock, TX?

Are you about to install a new fence and are wondering, "How close can a fence be to a property line in Lubbock, TX?" This guide from the experts at Raider Fence Company will provide the answer and the correct way to approach building a fence. Instead of searching for "iron fencing near me," reach out to Raider Fence Company's specialists for a simple installation. 

Survey the Land

Before you install a new fence, it's smart to request an official land survey. This pinpoints the exact location of your property lines so you can create a plan for your fence.

You may not need to schedule a new survey if you have a copy of your house line drawing. However, it's a wise investment that could ultimately save you more money in the long run if you put up a fence that isn't within your property lines. 

Research Local Laws and Regulations in Lubbock, TX

Every state or city will have its own zoning regulations regarding fences. Exactly how close can a fence be to a property line? These codes will be able to tell you the answer in detail. Experienced fence installers have knowledge of these local codes and can guide you during the building process. 

Lubbock residents can build a fence along their side and rear property lines with few issues. According to local laws, fences that are less than seven feet tall do not need a permit, while fences that exceed this height do require a building permit. 

After you check for any government regulations, turn your attention to your homeowner's association. Those living in these communities should check their HOA guidelines and make sure they aren't breaking any protocols. 

Consult Your Neighbor

Conflict often occurs if you aren't upfront with your neighbors about building a fence. Many homeowners make the mistake of putting up a fence without checking the property lines, and their neighbor disputes the project. This can lead to plenty of financial hassles and cause tension within your neighborhood. 

Another common issue involves homeowners installing a fence but expecting their neighbors to pay some of the costs. This scenario doesn't always end cordially, especially if there is no communication between the neighbors beforehand. 

Proper fence etiquette is to consult with your bordering neighbors about your intentions to build the fence. Explain to them that you're following all local regulations and are using a current land survey to set the fence along the property line. You should also let them know that, since they will also benefit from the fence that separates both properties, most laws entitle them to pay for half of the cost. 

Contact Raider Fence Company for Fencing Solutions in Lubbock, TX

Now that you know the answer to, "How close can a fence be to a property line?" you can prepare for a wrought iron fence installation. Let the experts at Raider Fence Company equip your property with a secure, visually appealing fence. Contact them today to request a quote. 

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