How a Lubbock Fence Company Installs a Chain Link Fence on Uneven Ground

Do you want to know how expert fence installers will install your chain link fence on uneven ground in Lubbock, TX? Raider Fence Company, one of the most trustworthy fence companies in Texas, is ready to provide answers below.

Planning for Chain Link Fence Installation in Lubbock, Texas

You'll need to obtain the proper permits from the city of Lubbock to begin installing a chain link fence. Many fence companies will help you acquire these and establish measurements to explain the scope of the project. During your consultation appointment, fence professionals will take measurements, identify any obstacles, and then determine a fair and honest price for the amount of work they'll need to perform. 

If you're satisfied with their proposed price and select an appointment time, their team can get started and prepare to install your new chain link fence on non-level ground. 

Preparing and Installing Chain Link Fence Corner Posts

After locating and clearly marking spots for your corner or terminal posts, your fence installers will continue as follows:

  • First, they'll make the same size holes at each spot, allowing enough depth that the posts are two inches taller than the chain link.
  • Next, installers pour concrete into the holes and secure the posts in place.
  • Finally, as the corner post concrete dries, they'll verify periodically that posts aren't tipping to one side, sinking, or raising. 

Once the corner posts are complete, it's time to connect the four points to figure out where the other posts will go. A fence technician will tie a string from one post to the next, working until all four are connected.

Establishing and Installing Terminal and Line Posts 

Using the measurements of the chain link panels, the fence company will mark where each terminal post and line post will go. A terminal post is necessary when the ground is uneven or dips high or low. You can expect them to place line posts around every 10 feet, but the placement of terminal posts can vary.

When all marking is done, they'll place each post in the ground and add the concrete mixture. Just like with the corner posts, the team will check that the posts are level with one another and that they have evenly spaced them apart. When installing a chain link fence on uneven ground, completing this step is unavoidable.

Adding the Chain Link Material

Finally, your expert team will connect terminal posts by securing the chain link to spanner bars. After attaching the top corners, they'll remove any extra or overlapping materials and then add cap crowns.

Schedule Top-Tier Chain Link Fence Installation in Lubbock, TX, With Raider Fence Company

You now know how local professionals will install a chain link fence on uneven ground, so it's time to book your consultation appointment. You can also read about how to cover a chain link fence, but don't delay in connecting with Raider Fence Company in Lubbock, TX.

Contact Raider Fence Company via the online form to get your free fence installation estimate.

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