Can You Paint a Wrought Iron Fence in Lubbock?

When Lubbock homeowners want a durable, long-lasting fence that brings an unmatched sense of elegance, wrought iron is their material of choice. Among the many benefits these fences bring is customization. You can paint wrought iron fences to match your home’s style and increase their durability. 

Raider Fence Company can help you find and install your ideal fence. These wrought iron fence installers in Lubbock, Texas, are here to share the benefits of painting your wrought iron fence and how to do it.

Why Should You Bother Painting Your Wrought Iron Fence?

Can you paint wrought iron fences? Yes, but painting them does more than change their color. 

Better Protection From Rust and Corrosion

As beautiful as wrought iron fences are, one of their main drawbacks is their susceptibility to rust and corrosion, which diminishes the look of your fence and its durability. 

The right coats of paint can protect your wrought iron fence from the moisture that leads to rust, giving you a better-looking fence for longer.

Enhanced Aesthetics That Fit Your Property’s Style

Using quality paint on your fence and choosing the right colors can drastically boost your home’s curb appeal. Plus, the nearly endless color options mean you can find the perfect shade to reflect your Lubbock home’s style.

Paint Your Lubbock Wrought Iron Fence in Five Easy Steps

You can paint wrought iron fences in five easy steps. 

Step 1: Get the Area Around Your Fence Ready 

While it’s fairly obvious you shouldn’t paint your fence when it’s raining, you should also pay close attention to outdoor humidity levels and temperatures. Weather that is too humid can result in a less-than-ideal paint job. Neither should you paint if the temperature outside is below 50 degrees or above 85 degrees.

Step 2: Prepare the Surface by Removing the Old Paint

Prepare the fence’s surface by removing the old paint and any rust. A good way to do this is by sanding the fence with a flap wheel.

Step 3: Use Grease-Fighting Soap To Clean the Fence

Grab your hose, some dish soap, and a sponge. Thoroughly clean the rest of your fence to ensure the paint has a good surface to stick to. 

Step 4: Apply the Primer

After you’ve washed the fence, carefully apply at least one or two coats of primer.

Step 5: Paint the Fence With Oil-Based Paint

Wrought iron fences hold oil-based paints better than others, so look for these when picking out your colors. For an easier paint application process, opt for spray paints.

Let Raider Fence Company Provide a Top-Tier Fence in Lubbock, TX

Painting wrought iron fences gives you better durability, longevity, and aesthetics. Even without a new coat of paint, wrought iron fences create a timeless look that fits nearly any property. 

Do you need help deciding whether wrought iron vs. wood fencing is the best choice for your property? Raider Fence Company can help, so contact the team today to schedule a service in Lubbock, Texas!

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