Can You Electrify a Chain Link Fence in Lubbock, TX?

If you want to boost security around your property, you may be wondering, "Can you electrify a chain link fence?" The team at Raider Fence Company explains how to enhance these fences with an electrical charge. Count on Raider Fence Company instead of wasting time searching the web for "companies that install chain link fence near me."

Discover the main steps for electrifying a chain link fence in Lubbock, TX. 

Install Your Fence for Your Lubbock Property

If you already have a chain link fence on your property, you obviously don't need to worry about this step. Those who don't have a fence on the premises need to install it according to local laws and regulations. The city of Lubbock dictates that property owners don't need a permit to put up a fence that's less than seven feet tall. If you want to make your fence taller for security purposes, you must obtain a permit before installing it. 

Determine the Area You Want to Electrify

Do wild animals tend to stick around one area of your fence? If you want to keep them out of the area, you can electrify it. Decide where you want to run voltage through and measure the area accurately. 

Don't skip the measurement step since you want to make sure you have enough supplies to fit the fence. 

Choose a Method

The answer to, "Can you electrify a chain link fence in Lubbock?" is yes, but there are several ways to do so. Some of the most common ways property owners electrify fences include:

  • Poly tape
  • Electric fence charger
  • Offset electric wire

Each of these options has its pros and cons. For example, poly tape is easy to install and fairly inexpensive, but not the most reliable option for a long-term solution. You'll find that offset electric wire is better for long-lasting currents, although it can be tricky to install. 

Are you looking for an easy solution and don't mind giving your fence regular maintenance? Using an electric fence charger with an insulator and energizer could be your best option. This method is effective at providing your fence with a high-voltage, low-current charge but requires routine maintenance. 

Gather Materials and Apply Them

Once you settle on a method for electrifying your fence, get all of the required materials and make sure it's enough to fit your measured area. Some methods, such as applying poly tape, are easy to complete on your own or with minimal help. Installing electric fence wires can be more difficult and usually requires further assistance from fencing professionals. 

Confirm the voltage running through the fence and then test for a shock by carefully touching the fence with a stick. Your project is complete if you feel a slight shock. 

Reach Out to Raider Fence Company in Lubbock for Assistance

Can you electrify a chain link fence? How can you make a chain link fence look better? The specialists at Raider Fence Company can answer these questions and more. 

Contact them today to schedule a chain link fence installation so you can make your property safer. 

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