5 Elegant Wrought Iron Fence Designs in Lubbock, TX 

A wrought iron fence increases your property's security with class and grace, and you can choose from a wide variety of styles to complement your home. When searching for inspiration and ideas for “iron fencing near me,” choose Raider Fence Company for the most elegant and attractive wrought iron fence designs, including the following options. 

1. Flat Top 

Straight or flat-top wrought iron fences have a simple, sleek, and minimalist appearance, but that doesn’t mean they lack style. The rectangular panels join with iron posts, and you can customize the height and distance between the individual bars and the size of the panels to create the perfect look. 

2. Spearhead 

For a wrought iron fence design that offers both practicality and style, select a spearhead design. These fences feature a spear-shaped detail at the top of all or some of the bars. You can also choose an intricate fleur-de-lis embellishment for an attractive accent that increases curb appeal while enhancing security. 

3. Arched Top 

An arched top wrought iron fence remains a classically influenced style that calls to mind the triumphal arches of Europe. This design features iron panels with curved tops connected by iron bars, giving the fence an elegant and head-turning look. You can customize arched tops with panels in varying heights, alternate the arches with spearhead bars, or implement other design elements for a truly one-of-a-kind fence. 

4. Ornamental Fences 

Choose an ornamental design when you want your Lubbock, TX, property to stand out. Custom wrought iron fence designs can be ornate with curls, arches, medallions, and other decorative features that add character and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Or choose to include subtle details and finishes that add texture and style. Just because you have a decorative, ornamental fence doesn’t mean it isn’t functional; a well-constructed fence will define your property and add security. 

One common type of ornamental fence is a ball-top finish. These position a ball-shaped ornament at the top of the posts at regular intervals. The balls may be metal, glass, or stone or feature decorative designs for a custom look.

5. Scalloped 

Scalloped iron fences have a series of indentations at regular intervals across the top rail. Some homeowners opt to finish scalloped fences with decorative elements like curls or swirls or simply leave the pickets flat for a simple and timeless appearance.

Visit Raider Fence Company To Explore a Variety of Fencing Options

Whether you need help choosing from the many wrought iron fence designs or want to install a wood, vinyl, or any other type of barrier, Raider Fence Company is the go-to source for Lubbock, TX, homeowners. They carry all types of materials and can help you design the perfect addition to your property. As the local installation experts, you can count on us for a well-built, solid structure.

Call or visit Raider Fence Company today to learn more about different fence styles, get information about the correct fence distance from the property line, or anything else you need to know. 

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