4 Must-Have Security Features for a High-Security Fence in Lubbock, TX

Homeowners always worry about security and privacy, and for good reason. Fences make an excellent and common installation option to enhance privacy and security. A fence alone provides a good deterrent against crime. However, additional options for a high-security fence can give homeowners extra peace of mind. 

So, instead of searching “install chain link fence near me,” contact the experts at Raider Fence Company. For over a decade, Raider Fence Company has assisted Lubbock homeowners in maximizing their security and privacy with a private fence. Contact our expert team online or call today to schedule a free estimate!

1. Barbed Wire

If maximum security is the goal, then a barbed wire line at the top will keep intruders out. The barbed wire adds a few inches to the top of the fence and makes it virtually impossible to climb over without sustaining injury. Keep in mind that different neighborhoods might have rules about how high the barbed wire can extend over the top of fences. 

Barbed wire and other anti-climbing features also provide an excellent security feature to protect commercial property and keep intruders out of work sites. The presence of the barbed wire will simply deter intruders from breaking in. 

2. Double Row

Instead of just one row of fencing, why not two? Adding an additional high-security fence row can further improve security and make it more difficult for intruders to get into the yard. One row of fencing can serve as the first line of defense, and the second row keeps out anyone who gets past the first. 

If double-row fence palisade fencing sounds like a good idea, check property lines to make sure the second row doesn’t go over the neighbor’s property line

3. Access Control

Access control features like a keypad of the automatic gate also work great for enhancing security and privacy. Access control systems not only keep unwanted intruders out but can also notify homeowners whenever someone uses the fence. Some access tools will automatically open the fence when someone arrives, and Lubbock homeowners can also choose to install cameras so they can see who is at their fence. 

4. Colored Links

If the visibility of the fence becomes a major concern, homeowners can try adding colored links. Chain link and welded mesh fencing are already good for visibility, and adding colors to the links can make the fence stand out and become more obvious, even at night. Additionally, layers of color, whether from paint fabric or some other material, can protect metal fences from corrosion and extend their lifespans. 

Security Fence in Lubbock, TX

Homeowners have a vested interest in making sure their homes stay as secure as possible. Raider Fence Company can help Lubbock homeowners achieve peace of mind with a high-security fence that enhances security and privacy. Read this blog article to learn about how to electrify a chain link fence. Contact Raider Fence online to schedule a free estimate!

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